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Blue Collar White Gloves kind of 3PL

I have recently had a number of conversations with clients and some client prospects about what we do and what in particular makes Gateway different from some of the other transportation related companies they have dealt with. In the business of supply chain and distribution services Gateway O.T is considered a Third Party Logistics company or 3PL.
When I am asked what king of 3PL we are I answer: "Blue Collar White Gloves" to reinforce our company moto “We ensure shipping success”. It’s in the way we ensure this success that differentiates us from other 3PLs. We are a hands on company. Gateway can pick up, warehouse, pack and deliver your goods. This is actual blue collar work that a lot of the other 3PLs don’t offer.
As a U.S Air Force veteran I know the term Logistics was first coined in the military, but the specific term 3PL began in the 70s and 80s when manufacturers and wholesalers started “Outsourcing” some or all of their supply chain needs.
By utilizing a 3PL, th…

E Commerce Shipping Tax

We get asked a lot by our e commerce clients, those that sell their stuff online through eBay, Etsy and other e commerce web platforms, whether they need to pay tax on shipping. They come to us because we know the answer and the answer is simple:

"Yes" and "No"

Confused? Laughing? Have I answered your question?

In Arizona we have what is called a T.P.T or Transaction Privilege Tax. The tax in essence is the cost, or "privilege" of doing business in the state. Gateway Crate and Freight for example pays a tax on the crates and packaging we build in our warehouses or on site at our customers locations.

For our customers who sell online and have us pack and ship their items, it is important for them to understand the tax implications of their sale. The bottom line answer to the question comes in the form of a line on your invoice.

Does your invoice to your customer show freight as a separate line item charge? If it does than that amount is excluded from taxes…