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Intermodal Rail Freight has evolved in North America to the point where it has become a reliable, cost effective alternative to long haul trucking. There are many reasons for this; including the railroads investment in technology, increased production and deployment of domestic containers, and the shortage of Long Haul drivers.

The shortage of long haul truck drivers has had the most significant impact on the price for this service. Long Haul drivers (driving over 750 miles) are hard to find these days, the law of supply and demand allow those drivers who want a long haul load to increase their prices.

There are many factors that play into this driver shortage, the one we contend with the most is that younger drivers prefer a "home" to a "home on the road" In fact most younger CDL truck drivers would rather take a local pickup and delivery job (within 100 miles of home) for less money than make more money driving long haul.

This driver trend works well with the int…