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eBay Store Shipping

I once had a C.E.O of an online retailer tell me that the most important person in his company was the packing and shipping clerk because the last thing he or she does is the first thing the customer sees. The saying you only get one chance to make a first impression is so true especially in today's e-marketplace.
The last thing a customer wants to see when she first opens the box that you shipped her is the item she has been waiting for broken. In the transportation systems of today, there are many transitions through trucks, containers, conveyor belts and hands that your package will have to travel. There is only one thing that can increase your chances of having your package delivered with no issues - Proper Professional Packaging.
Sometimes even the best packaging is no match for the treatment some packages take during transit. (Click the back button after viewing these videos to return to this blog and continue) 
FedEx UPS http://…