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Shipping the Large, Heavy, Awkward, Fragile and Cool...

We have picked up, crated and packed some pretty large heavy and awkward items over the years including this metal transformer. If you are a movie buff you would recognize this as Bumblebee, at 8 ft high and weighing over 1,000 lbs he needed to be moved from a basement movie theater and shipped to be shown at a Trade Show in Texas.
This would have been a much easier job if he could have just transformed into a Camaro and drove himself to the Expo, but in the logistics world not much is that easy. He did disassemble into a few pieces, the largest and heaviest being a leg-torso fitting that was close to 300 lbs. After having four guys get the pieces up a staircase we got Bumblebee back to the warehouse and custom crated him and shipped him off to the show.
Once in our warehouse, handling, packing and crating was easy. The logistics of picking these types of items up or delivering them is the difficult part. 
Some items we crate, pack and ship are not heavy but just LARGE. Try a 23 foot…