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Holiday Packing and Shipping

The holidays are just around the corner and I am excited about the yearly events that I have come to love over the years. The Nutcracker, Mannheim Steamroller and The annual Warren Miller ski film are events I attend yearly that only come around during the holidays. 
But there are other things not as welcomed this time of year that come around whether you want them or not, like bad winter weather, traffic and long lines everywhere. The "rush" of the holidays seem to bog things down not just with people but with freight as well.
Tis the season to give gifts and when you live in Arizona but want to give a gift to your little nephew in New Jersey the gift has to get there somehow. The UPS Store, FedEx Office and the USPS neighborhood locations are inundated with people and boxes with gifts traveling all around the world. Long lines are standard during this time of year.
These package service companies will see the majority of their damages and claims happen over the next 2 mon…