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What is a White Glove Delivery Service?

Gateway Optimum Transportation manages a number of logistics services for our clients including the ever increasingly important White Glove Delivery. In today's ultra competitive online retail environment it has become important for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
One way they do this is by offering their client a service at their home or business, where their delivered product may be unpacked, setup, in some cases assembled, and the packaging taken away. This is called a "White Glove Delivery".
So what is the service called when a company shows up at your house with a brand new furniture set you purchased and brings the couch into the living room and takes the bed into the bedroom and leaves the mattresses and the couch in the plastic and the head board, foot board and rails in their boxes and leaves? This is considered an "Inside Delivery"
The Inside Delivery service is when the delivery company brings the items into the house a…