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U Ship Solutions

Back in August I wrote in this blog about U Ship - The Ship anything, anytime, anywhere online web portal whose main marketing tool is the A&E TV show "Shipping Wars".

As a U Ship transportation service provider I am a big supporter of the online tool that links shippers with shipping providers as well as a fan of the show. In fact, the people posting things on U Ship, over sized, odd shaped, fragile and valuable are exactly the kind of customers we are looking for. Its a great tool for a company like us.

Gateway Crate and Freight currently has a 5 star rating (Out of 5) for the shipments we have done so far on U Ship. The items have ranged from an entire 1 bedroom apartment to an expensive piece of Artwork. Most of the customers have been appreciative of our packing and shipping services.

In my old blog I listed some of the frustrating issues in dealing with customers and brokers on the site. The biggest issue is communication. U Ship policy dictates that quotes be give…