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Logistics is all about Timing

In the mid 1990s the band Hootie and the Blowfish had a hit song called "Time". The first and last line of that song is "Time...why you punish me?" I unfortunately think that way too often in my business life as I deal with coordinating freight for our clients.

Managing transportation services such as local pickup and delivery as well as long haul and white glove services puts a high demand on timing. whether you are a large or small transportation service provider, the economics are the same. Time is money.

My blog this month is about timing. Specifically how Gateway tries to manage the logistics process to provide our clients with the most efficient and economical services to attain the optimum result.

Larger logistics groups would have you believe that its just a matter of scale, once you get big enough these issues go away but after working for one of those groups I know these same issues existed back when I was managing loads for them.

On a daily basis our of…