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Easy way out...of business

In my years of being in distribution, transportation and logistics I have had to work with many sales guys. I understand the importance of the sales team to the business because they ring the cash registers and bring the money in the door, but have you ever known a sales guy where you thought they hurt the business more than they helped? I have.

Now this blog isnt a slam on sales guys and girls, because when Im out selling my company I'm a "sales guy". The freight guys who have helped me over the years solve some of my logistics issues are "sales guys". Even my brother +Ken Adams sells cool Native American art work and jewelry over at +Alltribes Indian Art LLC is a "sales guy" so I'm not really putting this group down, but instead I want to talk about the few individuals who have "sold out" their company rather than "sell for" their company.

I was actually reminded of this today when I had an admin clerk at a company tell me he…