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Holiday Shipping Season 2016 - Here we go again.

So another peak season is upon us and with the growth of e commerce year over year, this holiday shipping season is sure to bring more volume and more challenges. The number one challenge during this time of year is ensuring your items arrive safely to their destination. With so many packages and freight shipments running through the system, damage is the number one issue facing shippers.
It has been estimated that shipping packages between October 15 and December 15 increases your chances of damage to your shipment by 36%. In fact some major carriers have published statistics that show over half of their freight damage claims for the year occur in this 2 month period.
In a major study of online retailers most report that they plan on a 5% damage ratio of product being shipped during the year and another recent study indicated that the 3 major carriers UPS, USPS and FedEx have damage ratios of 11%, 10% and 7% respectively during the year.
The peak season deluge of shipments places a…