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Canada oh Canada. Shipping to and from Canada

Shipping Truckload or LTL shipments to Canada is pretty easy for someone who has been doing it for decades, but for a U.S company shipping to a client in Canada for the first time the rules and paperwork requirements can be pretty daunting.
I have been fortunate to have logistics experience on both sides of the border and have benefited from years of experience in dealing with the Canadian Border Services Agency and Revenue Canada while bringing a multitude of commodities in and out of Canada.
The transportation of materials in and out of Canada has become seamless, a routine and easy task for truckload haulers and LTL Carriers, but for many U.S manufacturers, distributors and e commerce retailers the paperwork and customs requirements can be a bit confusing.
We have a client who sells auto part kits and we recently shipped an LTL shipment to the province of Alberta for him. He was here at our offices for over an hour asking questions about Canada shipping. One thing he didn’t under…