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Packing for Optimum Transportation

I have written in this blog on a number of occasions about the shift in ground freight to dimensional pricing among many national and regional L.T.L companies. and today I wanted to focus on the importance of packing items for safe shipping while receiving the best freight rate.
Lets start by looking at the picture of the un-boxed oven above. The actual size of which is 29 inches wide by 27 inches deep by 29 inches high. When shipping this in a class rated structure, you could box this oven and strap the box to a standard 48 X 40 pallet and send it on its way.
Here's why: The N.M.F.C has this oven as a density based class with the density breakout at 6 and 10. So if the density is less than 6 this would ship as a class 200 if the density is between 6 and 10 then it would ship at class 110 and if the density is greater than 10 then this ships at a class 77.5
Before we could understand the density breakout of this shipment we need to know a little more info about the shipment like …