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Trade Show and Exposition Logistics

Trade shows can be a boon to your business by allowing you to introduce yourself and your products to new clients. It is also a great venue to help you gauge the interest in your product and or service and help you network with the important people in your industry. This is the important part of the show, but for those with a lot of experience in trade shows, the real work begins well before the show begins and continues well after the last attendee has left the building.
My blog this month focuses on the work of the trade show, the behind the scenes logistics that takes place before and after the event to ensure the trade show is successful, which for most means has a positive return on investment, let us start this with:  
Attending a trade show as an exhibitor can be expensive.
There are many costs involved with exhibiting at a trade show consisting of costs like how big your booth is, how much seating, furniture and tables you want to provide for your visitors, use of electricity…