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New Year New Solutions

The end of the year signifies a time to evaluate the year past and look for improved solutions to issues encountered. For some people its merely financial, we spent x amount on freight this year so lets get that number down to y next year and we will make more money. For others, its logistics solutions like- we experienced far too many claims or customer service complaints last year, lets improve our service standards next year.

Each of these situations point to one thing: Change. Making a change is tough. Changing from a company that provided you with crates all year to a new one is a tough decision, but is sometimes what is needed to drive down cost or improve services for your customers.

Gateway Crate and Freight takes our slow time at the end of the year to evaluate our performance. Admit it, you're thinking about egg nog, candy canes, presents, ham and turkey, not your shipping crates right now. So between now and the New Year we know you don't need us...but next year you will!

This year we upgraded our facility, added tools to help improve our efficiency and decrease costs. Gateway Crate and Freight has added a new industrial panel saw and crate making equipment to help us get you the crates you need when you need them at an economical price.

We have contracts with 12 nationwide LTL Carriers, we evaluate their performance for the year and hold them to our Gateway Optimum Transportation performance standards. Next year may bring some changes to our carrier selection based on service and cost that translates to better service and improved pricing for you.

Our new warehousing and fulfillment service products are coming out for our customers in 2014. With centralized service to the over 4.3 million residents of the Phoenix Metro area we can ship or deliver your sales items as needed.  

Gateway Crate and Freight is looking forward to 2014 and the changes we are making to improve our operations for you. Happy Holidays and the best of everything in the coming year :-) 855-474-4685


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This blog has to start the same way most communication starts today with...A Covid-19 Statement:

The writer of this blog encourages all readers to have washed hands, and that you have recently sanitized your screen and the keyboard/mouse you are using. It is also best if you are reading this from home since most of America is under "Stay at Home" orders. If you are reading this from work, please go back to doing the 'essential' things you need to do and come back and read this later! If you are sick; I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you are following the recommendations of your health care professionals.

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